Realtime Operational Management

Adaptive live multi-location resource planning

Where roster planning stops, I-SEC’s operational planning application; ROM, begins. It transforms rigid and difficult day to day planning into flexible and structured planning. Through utilization of the OPS system, we can create a roster a week, a month or even a year in advance, which ideally should be as accurate as possible. However, in a turbulent environment like an airport, the daily dispatch effciency of your workforce is paramount to your operation.and intelligent software developed by I-SEC.

A planning transformation
Transforming rigid and difficult day-to-day planning into flexible and structured planning enabling dispatch efficiency of your workforce
Meeting your demands
Using state-of-the-art technologies ROM is capable of accommodating the rising demand of our industry while improving efficiency
Daily Operations

Transform a rigid roster

Into a versatile and flexible system

ROM was created due to the fact that there was no tool available which could meet the high requirements of I-SEC; to transform a rigid roster in a versatile and flexible system. Over the last decade we have improved our operational planning system year by year in our own operation. We made sure that we were able to meet the steep demands set by the continuing growth of the transport industry. Last year we upgraded the complete ROM platform into a new modernized system using latest and state of the art technologies. We added functionalities which accommodate the rising demands of our industry and simultaneously gives you the edge needed for improving daily efficiency.

Daily Operations

ROM Features

Not only does ROM come with a complete multi- location check in and out system that allows you to know when an employee started and finishes his or her shift. The same system can be expanded to check-in and out of designated positions or tasks.

Employee overview
Employee overview