Mobile manpower
management tool

to bridge the gap between
HR and the operation

After providing security manpower services for more than a decade at international airports we decided to create a tool that solves the biggest challenges that any large manpower company will encounter in day to day work. We found and bridged the gap between HR and operations and while doing that we realized that the right information at the right time could just save the day. First created for our own use and then extensively tested and re-tuned in our operations, SARA is now the spider in the center of the web of all our manpower management.

SARA Dashboard
Having a clear overview of where your employees and resources are active. It's not a question of where anymore
Available on any device
Whether your working on a desktop computer, tablet or phone, SARA goes where you're going whichever device you're using
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All forms and reports
accesible on tablet

Responsive design
on any device

Airport data


Data secure and stored
from any location to
the cloud

Live locations
and communication

SARA Dashboard

Where are my employees?

Is a very logical question, but in a large organization this can be hard to answer. We connected SARA to our own and 3rd party planning systems. Now the comprehensive dashboard overview shows us live where employees have been sent. Without even tracking them.

Daily Operations

Control Your Daily Operations

Set tasks, follow-up, deligate

We have to stay up to date continuously and for this we created a set of operational tools within SARA. Now if the plastic gloves at lane 4 ran out, for instance, set a task to a person or a defined area to make sure that someone brings a pair of new gloves as quickly as possible. Did everyone follow and sign for the daily briefing? The briefing system allows you to simply add a briefing and assign it to all or selected employees and easily follow up on them later. To complete this the logbook feature allows management to quickly get a summary of all the events of the daily operation.

Daily Operations

Employee overview

Filter, search & locate

More than 2000 employees and need to find information about one of them right away? Using smart filter functions and advanced search techniques you can locate the employee you are looking for in seconds. See an overview, history, comments and even localise the employee on the dashboard with the simple click of a button.

Employee overview
Employee overview

Does SARA fit your organization?

SARA is usable to manage a small or a large workforce. SARA is scalable and can be used in multiple locations at the same time. SARA connects to a wide variety of external sources and is easily adaptable to add even more. We are continuously adding features and connections and can tailor SARA to fit your organization to meet your needs.

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