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To support high-risk flight security operations I-SEC used and created a variety of devices and platforms since the 1990’s, slowly gaining first-hand experience and improving continuously. Starting with the use of handheld PDA’s, I-SEC steadily innovated and eventually introduced X-CHECK into all its high-risk flight security operations. Currently, X-CHECK is available for anyone who needs smart, fast, customer processing solutions; anywhere, everywhere.

X-CHECK phone app
Making all of the X-CHECK infrastructure features and functionalities available when mobility is paramount
Information at your fingertips
Having the right information at the right time can make the difference on a day-to-day basis
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Extremely fast and accurate document scanning

X-CHECK turns a tablet or smartphone into an extremely fast and accurate passport and barcode scanner. Once the X-CHECK app is installed, a wide variety of functionalities become available for users. Using the X-CHECK app on a smartphone makes processing customer data even easier: Especially in remote locations when mobility is paramount.

The X-CHECK infrastructure
The X-CHECK infrastructure
X-CHECK devices and apps

Adaptable, scalable and connectable

X-CHECK enables you to quickly process, verify and assign status to customer data. The application is adaptable, scalable and connectable to any of the sources required. In collaboration with you, we develop a tailor-made X-CHECK solution that fits your specific needs.

X-CHECK devices and apps

Safe, secure and on-demand

We created a secure infrastructure using the latest encryption methods and made sure that sensitive data is properly stored to meet the strict demands of European and international data legislation. At the same time, we make sure that none of the X-CHECK devices stores any data like PPI, securing sensitive and confidential information locally.

I-Check document scan stand & tablet app
I-Check document scan stand & tablet app
X-CHECK phone app

Speed-up your US-bound flights

Would you like to speed-up your US-bound security procedures, improve overall customer experience and save costs? Learn more about X-CHECK for US-bound flights.

X-CHECK phone app

Do you want to learn more about how X-CHECK can help you quickly process, verify and assign status to customer data?

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